No two journeys are alike.

One of the first big hurdles to conquer is simply not knowing your options, which creates a sense of loss of control, and hopelessness. We help you explore your options and educate you through the process to allow you to make better informed decisions.

We start with a short intake exchange, from which we are able to recommend where our service can help you best. Our first session allows us to understand what your timeline may be, discuss your clinic choices, share a short list of recommended alternative practitioners and resources, and give you a list of what to expect between now and your next appointment. We follow up with data on your potential clinic choices. We continue with you through your fertility journey through hour-long sessions, as long as you need us.

From fertility preservation, egg and embryo freezing, fertility assistance (IUI, IVF, donor sourcing, surrogacy), nurse-assisted injection administration, LGBTQ family planning, and adoption support, we are here to make the journey one where you have an advocate and ally by your side, the whole way through.